Patient Testimonials

2019 St. Jude's Hospital certificate of appreciationA child patient's thank you message artfully done!

…a great relationship with my dentist is important to me…

Missy Cochran - PatientEstablishing a great relationship with my dentist is important to me. Ever since I was little I’ve been prone to cavities and going to the dentist almost always meant coming back for a filling (or six!). As you can imagine, as a child this was somewhat traumatizing. Over the years and into adulthood I had come to accept that I was always going to be spending more time at the dentist than my friends and colleagues. When I moved up to the Bay Area from Southern CA back in 2014 I knew I had to find a dentist in the area. The luck of a simple Google search brought me to Orchid Dental and I am so very glad I ended up here.

Drs. Karimi and Yagobi are fantastic. It is so reassuring when you have a dental emergency, to call up the office and they immediately ask what time you can come in. My general impression is that they are so good at what they do that they then have time to focus on the doctor-patient relationship. Both doctors are very professional and yet are incredibly friendly and personable as well.

It never ceases to amaze me how not only the doctors, but also the hygienists and assistants, remember personal details about me. It goes to show how important it is to everyone working there to establish that easygoing relationship with their clients. It’s not often that you walk into a dentist office where everyone, patients included, is happy and even having fun. I love that my dentist is always happy to see me and greets me with a big warm hug. It’s very evident that every person working there enjoys coming to work each day and interacting with all of the patients.

I have absolute faith in their ability to take care of my dental hygiene. My teeth have thrown them some curve balls and they have always been able to meet the challenge and deliver wonderful results. You would never know, looking at my teeth, that I have had so many fillings and crowns.

Dental anxiety is a thing of the distant past for me. I truly enjoy going to the dentist – not only for cleanings but for dental work as well. You don’t hear people say that they are looking forward to going to the dentist, but I tell people this all the time and get some funny looks in return. I honestly don’t worry what the diagnosis is going to be because I know that I’m in the hands of the absolute best care team you can imagine.

If you are lucky enough to be a patient at Orchid Dental then you know what I’m talking about. If not, then I can only describe it as an awesome dental experience. Thank you to all of the people I consider friends at Orchid Dental who take exceptional care of my teeth and who keep me excited to return to the dentist.

— Missy Cochran

…my trusted, caring, and compassionate health care providers…

Drs. Karimi and Yagobi are my trusted, caring, and compassionate health care providers and over the years have become friends. I have been a patient of Drs. Karimi and Yagobi for many, many years. I first came to Orchid Dental after a strong recommendation from a friend for some dental work that I had neglected for a long time. Rick S. - Patient After a complete evaluation they developed a plan to correct my dental problems. Both Dr. Karimi and Dr. Yagobi repaired and replaced old dental work (removed mercury filings) and fixed chips to several teeth. The dental work that could not be preformed at Orchid Dental was referred to a competent and caring specialist – I was referred for a root cannel. Dr. Karimi followed up with both the treating doctor and myself after the procedure. Since, I have been going to Orchid Dental for all of my dental needs. Because, I worked an unconventional schedule, both Dr. Karimi and Yagobi have opened the office after-hours and on a weekend to accommodate a broken tooth. Recently, Dr. Karimi consulted me regarding some dental fatigue which was occurring and long-term solutions to the problem. We decide that veneers and a mouth guard was the correct long-term solution. The new veneers replaced some failing teeth, improved my oral health, and has had a nice cosmetic benefit.

The staff at Orchid Dental reflects the values of Drs. Karimi and Yagobi. The dental technicians, hygienists, and administrative support are all patient-focused, efficient, effective, and considerate. Some have been part of the Orchid Dental family for many years. I have not had to deal with insurance companies, nor miss an appointment, all was handled efficiently with the professional staff at Orchid Dental. The people working at Orchid Dental have always created an open and caring environment continually willing to look after the needs of their patients.

Orchid Dental continues to improve by always upgrading its building and equipment. Fresh after an interior remodeling of the office and treatment areas, Orchid Dental creates a very comfortable atmosphere to receive dental care. The office and treatment areas are filled with soft music, soothing aromatic, and warm colors of orchids throughout the office.

I have been going to Orchid Dental for many years and plan to remain loyal to Drs. Karimi and Yagobi for many years to come. I have recommended Orchid Dental to both family and friends, and will continue to do so. Drs. Karimi and Yagobi have many years of professional experience; and they are nice and kind people who care about their patients delivering high-quality dental care every single day.

— All the Best to Orchid Dental, Rick S., July 2019

My coworker was absolutely right when she said I would be in good hands with Dr. Karimi and Dr. Yagobi.

Lucrisia A. - Patient I moved to San Jose from Modesto in 2009 and after an unpleasant experience with another dentist in San Jose, a fellow teacher referred me to Orchid Dental Care in Los Gatos. She told me that I would love Dr. Karimi and her husband Dr. Yagobi; assuring me that I would be in good hands. My coworker was absolutely right when she said I would be in good hands with Dr. Karimi and Dr. Yagobi. From my first visit to Orchid Dental Care in 2010 to my most recent in May 2019, every visit to their office is a pleasant experience. Dr. Karimi and Dr. Yagobi and their staff treat all of their patients, as well as other visitors to their office, with the utmost care and kindness. Everyone at Orchid Dental Care truly cares about the well-being of their patients Dr. Karimi and Dr. Yagobi take the time to explain each step in the process of dental work they are completing as well as check in with you to make sure you are comfortable and pain-free.

In 2014, I relocated back to Modesto for family reasons and was sad that I would have to leave Orchid Dental Care behind. When I shared the news of my move back to Stanislaus County with Dr. Karimi, she asked her office manager to ensure that Orchid Dental Care could become a preferred provider with my new dental plan through my new employer. I’m forever grateful that Dr. Karimi and her staff did this for me so that I could remain a patient of the practice. As a teacher, it is difficult to take time off during the week because planning for a sub teacher is a job in itself. Orchid Dental Care has Saturday appointments once a month from August through May. I cannot stress enough how convenient this is for teachers like me! Saturday appointments at Orchid Dental Care are very convenient.

Orchid Dental Care also provides Invisalign to their patients. I began wearing Invisalign in 2015 after Dr. Karimi took the time to explain how Invisalign would benefit me. After two and half years of wearing Invsalign, I am beyond happy with the results! Before Invsalign, people would compliment me on my eyes. Now, I’m complimented first on my smile! It feels great and I owe it all to Orchid Dental Care!

In the fall of 2017, I inquired with Dr. Karimi about possibly donating dental supply bags to my students. I teach in a very low income neighborhood in Modesto and knew my students would appreciate receiving new dental supplies especially a new toothbrush. Dr. Karimi’s response to me was, “How many students attend your school?” I clarified for her that I wasn’t asking for a donation for the entire school, I was only asking for a donation of dental supply bags for my 32 students. I didn’t want to burden Orchid Dental Care with more than that amount. Dr. Karimi proceeded to tell me, “Lucrisia, how many students are at your school? We will be more than happy to donate a dental supply bag to each student at your school.” I told her that our student population was 400 students. Dr. Karimi informed me that Orchid Dental Care donates dental supply bags to area homeless shelters in Santa Clara County as well as to a school in Africa! Thanks to their donation of 400 dental supply bags to my school, Dr. Karimi and Dr. Yagobi gave me an opportunity to be part of putting a big smile on the faces of all the students at my school! My heart was filled with so much joy and I’m forever grateful to Orchid Dental Care for their heartfelt donation!

I always feel like I’m visiting good friends each time I walk into Orchid Dental Care. I’m always greeted with friendly smiles, hugs from Dr. Karimi as I have been her patient for 9 years and a warm handshake from Dr. Yagobi. I actually look forward to my visits to Orchid Dental Care and I know you will too!

— Lucrisia A.

…our family Dentist looking after my husband, two daughters and multiple members of my extended family.

Paris F-R. - Patient I have been a patient at Orchid Dental Care of Los Gatos since 2004, longer than my marriage to my husband. First time I walked in at Orchid Dental, it was because of a Dental Emergency and a friend referred me to them, After that visit I have not considered leaving the health of my teeth in any other Dental provider’s hand.

Paris with her childrenMy relationship with Orchid Dental has surpassed long distance moves, a wedding, two children and has been an absolute pleasure.There are not many people that could say that about their Dentists or Dental experience. This dental practice started as my personal Dentist and now is our family Dentist looking after my husband, two daughters and multiple members of my extended family.

The thing about Dr. Karimi and Dr. Yagobi is that they are incredible at their work, have a balanced approach to Dentistry and wonderful bedside manner.The trust I have in them and their staff is priceless to me and my family. I honestly feel like a VIP at every step, in a few times that I have had a dental Emergencies, they were ready for me in a heartbeat.

They invest in their patients, get to know them and layer a special thought that you would not expect in a Dental practice. They provide a warm experience working with patients every step of the way and only ever deliver the best quality treatments and services. I am sure my Grandchildren will go to them if they have not retired by then!

— Sincerely,
Paris F-R.

…Dr. Yagobi and Dr. Karimi. They are the most professional and definitely the friendliest doctors I have ever met.

Genia T. - Patient I think I’ve been coming to Orchid Dental for about 10 (wow) years now! That number speaks for itself. I used to be terrified of anything teeth related and would avoid dental offices at all costs, until I came about Dr. Yagobi and Dr. Karimi. They are the most professional and definitely the friendliest doctors I have ever met. No, I am not exaggerating. I actually really enjoy my visits with them. The office is always full of laughs and stories.

To put this into a perspective: I travel a lot these days and when I get a dental emergency, I actually book a flight home and hurry to Orchid Dental. They are always extremely accommodating and helpful! Now married with two kiddos, all of us are patients here!

— Genia T.

This is a testimonial from Ella and her siblings…

Ella and her sister My four siblings, my parents, my grandmother and myself have all been patients at Orchid Dental Care of Los Gatos ever since we moved from Chicago to Los Gatos since 2004. Dr Karimi and her staff have delivered excellent care while connecting to each one of us on emotional levels at each visit, whether it’s teeth cleaning and check up or more complex dental treatments. Ella and her siblings Every Dental visit has been very comfortable and fun! Dr Karimi and Dr Yagobi always make sure to inform us of every step of treatments and explaining everything using our language so we understand what is going on. As a child none of us dreaded a Dental visit the way our friends did, because we knew it would be easy and painless. Each visit gives us the confidence to go out into the world and show off our pearly white teeth over and over.

Thank you Orchid Dental care for being part of lives.

— Ella and her siblings

Anh Thu and Jamin say they, “felt taken care of…”

Anh Thu and Jamin - PatientsI don’t like to admit that I have had anxiety about my teeth and have had avoiding the dreaded dentist for most of my adult life. There was something about having someone so close to my body, checking my mouth, that just scared me. I was referred to orchid Dental care of Los Gatos by my partner who was gushing over the kindness and generosity of time that his Dentist, Dr Anthony Yagobi, showed him. I finally came in due to extreme pain on one Saturday and went in for an emergency visit. Dr Karimi and her staff were warm, helpful and recommended a Root canal specialist who was just as ethical, kind and knowledgeable. Since then, at every step of my Dental treatments I felt taken care of and Now I look forward to all my future Dental appointments and can not thank Dr Karimi enough for being so genuine, professional and thorough and helping me to get over my Dental phobia

Dr Yagobi makes a common dental visit fun again! He creates a very welcoming environment, he took my partner when he had serious gum issues and turned it all around within 6 months. Thank you for all the recommendations and care that we have got.

— Anh Thu and Jamin