Advanced Technology

Precision Dentistry

At our practice, you can expect nothing less than cutting-edge technology to elevate the quality and precision of your dental care. Dr. Yagobi, Dr. Karimi, and our staff are dedicated to incorporating the latest advancements to ensure your treatment is top-notch.

Digital Imaging/X-rays 

We take a meticulous approach to digital imaging and X-rays, utilizing them strategically to provide comprehensive insights into your dental health. These tools enable us to detect cavities, assess bone levels, examine tooth roots and nerves, and diagnose various lesions with unparalleled accuracy. With minimal exposure time and advanced digital imaging technologies, we can retrieve valuable diagnostic information efficiently and transfer it seamlessly to specialists or insurance companies.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

iTero Element 5D scanner

Our iTero Element 5D scanner sets the standard for imaging precision. Using parallel confocal imaging technology, it delivers exceptional accuracy without the need for powders or complex procedures. This scanner ensures precise restorative procedures and creates a comfortable, gag-free impression experience for patients.

  • Proven Imaging Precision
  • Great Patient Comfort
  • 3D Digital Impressions
  • Interproximal Caries Detection Aid
  • No Harmful Radiation

Intraoral Camera

Embracing the preferences of modern patients, especially those familiar with technology, we employ intraoral cameras to enhance diagnosis and patient understanding. These small yet powerful cameras provide clear, detailed images of your mouth, teeth, and gums, enabling us to make accurate diagnoses and streamline treatments. By saving these images digitally, we maintain a permanent record of your dental health, facilitating communication with specialists, labs, and insurance companies.

Experience dentistry at its finest with our commitment to precision and advanced technology. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and discover the difference!

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